A Communal House

House 07

1 exterior final.jpg

The Communal House (07) is a house designed for a group of close friends, colleague-partners in a creative business that decided to live as a commune. These young clients want a program that provides them with the usual comforts and privacy of a residence, a space for co-working and all the remaining space requirements serve for interaction. This type of living is best for a group with common interests and ideals, shared responsibilities, resources and in this case, possessions, income and assets.

The “house” is composed of 3 blocks. The first block is a 1-story unit that holds the kitchen, a storage and a powder room. The second block is a 2-story unit with the 1st floor serving as a dwelling unit and a guestroom all together while the 2nd floor serves as another dwelling unit for a married partner. The third block is a single-story unit that serves as the entertainment block. The 4th black lastly, contains the office at the ground floor and another dwelling unit for a partner at the second floor. Each dwelling unit has its own pantry and bathroom. The entire “house” is elevated in a platform at about 0.60 meter from the ground. This serves well for the entire ventilation of the property and utilizes the entire elevated platform as an outdoor living space.

Trees are incorporated in the design of the property further enhancing the livability of the entire commune.