House 08

12 Modern Studios

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12 Modern Studios is designed to address modern dwelling solutions for a modern way of life. Nowadays, rising costs in acquiring lots and construction of one's dream house, demands of a fast-paced modern day living and emerging disadvantages of suburban sprawl has led to developments of mid to high density residences in or just surrounding the city centers. People have learned to coexist in compounds, buildings and dense neighborhoods to balance their needs physically, financially and to add, psychologically through design.

These studio units show how a repetitive plan in a shared building can be made unique for each individual dweller.  From the Minimalist, the Student, to the Biophilic, each individual characters of the dwellers are emanated in each designed space.

The Boring Studio's Human Patterns Prints are applied as wallpapers for each space. If you want to know more about the project, you may proceed to the page dedicated to Human Patterns by going back to the home page.