The Oxymoron of Patterns

architectural sculptures

Cube 1: “Distortion | Juxtaposition”


A fabric painted with a pattern is distorted arbitrarily, suspended by strings in different directions. In the outcome, although the painted pattern in itself is still discernible albeit the plane in which it exists being distorted already, it is perceived only to be as a component of a whole which is composed of different structure of patterns. This Piece is is product of careful juxtaposition of different structures to compose a unified whole.

Cube 2: “Tension” 


This piece examines the manipulation of physics to achieve a certain pattern. A continuos nylon string is inserted through balls of which positions are governed by tension resulting from pulling of the strings from multiple directions. The continuous string is then attached to turnbuckles on both ends to hold the pieces together. If a turnbuckle is unhooked, the whole structure would collapse. The Pattern created is both controlled and arbitrary as the balls are positioned to where they must be while the actual outcome and structure of the pieces as a whole depends on the tension generated and the resilience of the materials.

Cube 3: “Parametric” 


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This piece explores the outcome of a design that is based on a strict parameter. A bounding element commands the mass and volume of the piece; holes were drilled at equal spaces between each other at certain angles on each plane; a continuous string pierces through the holes of the bounding element, achieving dynamism while in repitition; while turnbuckles assure tension and strength. Choice of materials were based on contrasting elements.

Triptych Vol. 1


The Trpytych examines oxymoron of patterns in 2d-to-3d and object s-to-illustrations contrast. Each panel is 2’ x 8’.

The Oxymoron of Patterns is the culminating project-activity of selected students of The Brown Bauhaus’ METAARCH ADVANCED FOUNDATION COURSE IN DESIGN POETICS + MODERN AESTHETICS. This series of exhibitions also included 3 grade schoolers who were part of TBB’s ARKLAB (Architecture Kindergarten Laboratory) course. 


The architectural art installation is an attempt to frame the perplexity of patterns through a series of diagrams and meta-annotations. Pattern is defined here as a cybernetic system composed of moments or phenomena in nature and in secular world that occur simultaneously in the process of creation, destruction, and in-between. These patterns are the building blocks of which life were built upon. These relationships that were built upon the fabric of life are dialogues or rather diagrams that communicate the essence of living. These enigmatic phenomena of life are brought to light by its building blocks of Patterns. Patterns are symbiotic relationships of nature that exist in time and space that is everywhere at once. It is omnipresent; temporary and fleeting at the same time. The truth of a pattern lies in its oxymoron.

The installation works used natural and found objects such as peanut shells, staple wires, flexible tubes, nails, twigs, etc. and were abstracted through their metaphysical essence.   

The Oxymoron of Patterns

Cultural Center of the Philippines

Oct 21 - Nov 21, 2015

Ampitheater Gallery, College of Saint Benilde - School of Design and Arts

Feb, 2016