The Boring Studio


a work-in-progress

The Boring Studio HQ is a small studio unit of roughly about 22 sq. m. of total floor area. The group needed an office that also serves as living quarters for all its creative endeavors and the HQ must emulate the creative direction and the group's vision. The HQ's location is in a depressed part of Quezon City where traditional neighborhood organically thrives and exists. The group believes that authentic and creative outputs and products can be achieved by exposing one in the realities of the society through developing conscious and self-aware individuals.  

NOTE : detail drawings are not to scale

As a creative outlet, the group, with the help of just 1 skilled worker, designed, detailed facilitated and finished the project on their own. This is not only economical as most of the furniture pieces from the co-working table, hanging bed, kitchen counters and closets, were just self-fabricated but also educational as it was a hands-on and immersive way of learning the craft. 

NOTE : detail drawings are not to scale

Art pieces were integrated in the interiors reflective of the ideas and experimentation of  the group.

The Boring Studio is currently headed by 4 partner-architects exploring on Architecture, Architectural Interiors, Design, Arts and Pedagogy.