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Warming Huts 2019

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Entry 01 : The White Volcano

I would like to rethink what a warming hut can mean - does it have to be a shelter, a house, a building of some sorts?


Does it have to be comfortable, cozy and accommodating to give warmth? 

Are there other ways to get warmth besides sitting idly in an inactive state and conserving energy - as getting warm by doing activities and enjoying in the process? 

Can a shelter be an activity - rather, a refuge as in a break from the monotony of one’s lifestyle as some sort of enjoyment as kids running away from homework and heading to their favorite playground?

Can we consider that a warming hut is a refuge from reality - a momentary escape from the demands of everyday life? 

After all, this proposal is as simple as crawl - bounce - slide as if a volcano, made of snow juggling people and spitting them out.  

Warming by activity, refuge by play.


warming huts page 2.jpg

Entry 02 : Simplest Play 


Imagine kids playing in floating lines in vast snow.


The concept started from warming referring to heat(temperature) and friendliness(feeling) and huts as a means of refuge and safety. With these considerations, we ended up with a playground typology. Play implies movement. Group play leads to warming acquaintances. Playgrounds are joy and safe haven for kids.

We wanted the playground to have most of its normal components and to have a deeper meaning which is diversity. 

Canada is a pool of diverse ethnicity. The population is composed of Canadians, English, Irish, Germans, Italians, Chinese, Indians and Filipino. We wanted the diversity to be presented in such a way that the differences blur as if there is none. Simplest play breaks down structure and games into its simplest form which is a black line blurring the difference and separation. The method keeping all the necessity to still have recall and if none opt for creativity and imagination.



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