Woodswell Street Café

Boni Avenue, Plainview, Mandaluyong

Woodswell Street Café is an annex of Woodswell, a company that specializes in hand-crafted wooden furniture. The project is a renovation of an existing facility that will predominantly feature the company's products. The project will serve as a cafe as well as a showroom to show the degree of craftsmanship that the company intends to represent. The result is a place that distinguishes itself in the neighborhood but blends well with the spirit of the community.

Status : Partially Completed

Electrical Design : Rodelio Muñoz, pee + Mark Castro, ee

Sanitary Design : Randy Amonoy, uap rmp

Year : 2016 - 2017 

Project Head : Ponz Madiano

The Proposal


The project will be executed in three phases. First will be the grill and the first half of the outdoor dining area; next phase consists the kitchen, restroom, pantry and the remaining half of the outdoor dining area; and finally, the indoor seating area.

The design mainly features walls in satin wood finish panels and concrete masonry in smooth cement plaster finish. The furniture handcrafted by Woodswell's craftsmen were specifically designed for the outdoor dining area. An existing Balete tree that gives shade and cools the breeze that defines the overall atmosphere of the place is complemented by bamboo elements employed in the design.

front elevation

side elevation

The Process

Every project has its unique set of problems. Renovations come with even more challenges, surprises and considerations that most likely set back designs, planning, construction and most of all, budget.

[images on the right are existing site conditions prior to construction]


Templates and samples of wood joinery were studied and provided by The Boring Studio's Ponz Madiano and applied by skilled carpenters.

Every detail of the project needed keen supervision and the head architect was hands-on on most of the crafting including welding and ironwork.

Due to the rising cost of materials--wood in particular,
an alternative material is sought that is far less expensive but  still resonates with the company’s love for quality and natural materials. The humble bamboo fits the bill, having the look of wood with strength comparable to concrete on compression and steel under tension.


The Product

Here are a few photos taken during the opening night.

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Photos by :  Analyn Velasco,

                            Rosalie Ann Rostata

                            Mike Rafer